Book Talk and Walk VI: Recap

We had another successful book club get together at Caleb Smith! There we four participants who joined us. We began with a good discussion of the book. We talked about some of the hardships early naturalists had to endure on their tropical collecting trips. There were also hazards on the journey too and from collecting spots. Also many collections were lost when ships sank or burned or simply the specimens deteriorated during the long journey back. Considering the time it took to travel plus the time spent exploring, a shipment of lost samples, notes, drawings could represent years of work lost.

We followed our discussion with a brief walk. It was a little chilly and cloudy but there were a couple of sunny breaks.  We did not see a whole lot other than the common birds such as mallards, Canada geese, gulls, chickadees and crows. We turned over some logs and saw a bunch of pill bugs and several garden centipedes. All and all it was another pleasant book talk and walk!

Photo credit: Michael Bloom