Book Talk and Walk VII: Recap Memories of Summer

Well it’s been a bit of a tough winter this year and a busy period for us. So now I finally have a chance to post a follow up to our last Book Talk and Walk. With the winter weather we’ve been having anticipation of spring is in the air. Until then here are memories of last summer. Here are a few photos of some summer flowers we saw on our walk.

After our discussion we had a lovely early evening walk and saw some pretty summer flowers.

Prickly Pear:

Prickly Pear Cactus Flower (Custom)

Many people think of cactuses like the prickly pear cactus to be denizens of the desert. However the Eastern Prickly Pear (Opuntia humifusa)like other members of its genus thrive anywhere in sunny places with well drained sandy soils. Conditions that are found in abundance at West Meadow Beach. The Eastern Prickly Pear is found throughout the eastern U.S. where the right conditions for it are found. It is part of a genus of 200 species. It flowers in June and develops an edible red fleshy fruit afterwards.

Beach Rose:

Beach Rose

The beach rose (Rosa rugosa) is an introduced species that is abundant at West Meadow beach. Also known as sea rose and salt-spray rose it has bright, pleasant smelling, showy, pinkish flowers in June. Afterwards the fleshy bright red rose hips are prominent. The beach rose is a shrub that forms dense thickets. It is considered a noxious weed in many places.


Common Milkweed

Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is another lovely June flowering plant found at West Meadow Beach that grows in sandy soils in sunny locations. It is an important nectar source for butterflies, especially monarchs, and other insects including bees.

A Lovely Sunset

DSCN0795 (Custom)

At the end of our summer ramble we were treated to a lovely sunset. Another successful Book Talk and Walk!