Book Talk and Walk 12 recap

We had a nice book talk and walk last Sunday. There were 5 of us who participated. We enjoyed some good discussion and tasty snacks. We all loved the book. The stories and the illustrations were very good. Caring for orphaned and injured birds, especially baby song birds, is a lot of hard work and requires a lot of commitment. However it is pretty nice to have a lifestyle where you can live on 80 acres of country land and garden, write, paint give talks and bond with birds. Being a skillful writer, painter and speaker is a good way to have a nice career. For those of you who have not read the book I highly recommend it for both bird and nature lovers.

We had a lovely day for the walk that followed. Sunny, cloudless and light wind and not very cold (about 40F). A stark contrast to Saturday where it was cold, windy and snowed the entire day and into the night. Winter’s last harrah. Now let’s bring on the spring!

Skunk cabbage flowering.

Skunk cabbage flowering.


Birds seen: Osprey, cormorants, mallards, Canada geese, downy wood pecker, tree swallows, cardinal, chickadees, red winged blackbirds, and robins.


The woods in spring at Caleb Smith.

Stay tuned for the announcement for the next book talk and walk! See you then! Happy Spring everyone!


The woods in shadow on the hill still have snow.


In the other direction, the bottom land woods in sun have little snow.