Book Talk and Walk 15

Sunday, March 20, 2016 from 1:30-3:30pm


Join us for a discussion of the book “The House of Owls”, by Tony Angell at Caleb Smith State Park Preserve in Smithtown.  The book discussion will be followed by a nature stroll.  You can read all, some or none of the book’s chapters to join in the informal discussion and walk.  Light refreshments will be served. Meet inside the museum building. $4.00 activity fee. No parking fee.

Call (631) 786-4640 for more details and to sign up!

Book Description                                                                                                            

For a quarter century, Tony Angell and his family shared the remarkable experience of closely observing pairs of western screech owls that occupied a nesting box outside their forest home. The journals the author recorded his observations in, and the captivating drawings he created, form the heart of this compelling book—a personal account of an artist-naturalist’s life with owls. Angell’s extensive illustrations show owls engaged in what owls do—hunting, courting, raising families, and exercising their inquisitive natures—and reveal his immeasurable respect for their secret lives and daunting challenges. –

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